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Birthstone of the Month

Posted by editor on Mar 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

BirthstoneI wanted to get a personal gift for Denise for our anniversary and was at a loss of what to get. I was looking around the jewelry store in the mall the other day and spotted a chart listing different birthstones for each month.

As Denise was born in March I found her birthstone was aquamarine. It was properly named as it looked like the color of the blue-green water we swam in off the coast of Mexico one year. I thought it would be the right choice thinking it may actually bring back good memories of that holiday we had.

Just for fun I looked at the other birthstones and found mine was turquoise (December) while Mom’s was peridot (August) and Dad’s was emerald (May).

Up to this point I had no idea the significance of birthstones until I started reading about them and discovered that they had a history that dated back thousands of years. Some cultures thought they had supernatural powers, had healing properties and brought good luck and fortune to those who owned them.

Even The Bible made reference to the various gems as the stones in the twelve-gem breastplate worn by Moses’ brother, the high-priest Aaron.

I knew I had to get Denise a set of earrings and a pendant with her birthstone and it turned out that I got her the perfect anniversary gift. I knew I had done the right thing when she commented on how the color reminded her of our trip to Mexico!

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Having A Ball

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We were going to attend a masked ball. It was our first one and we had no idea what sort of masquerade mask to choose. I knew we weren’t going to be wearing a pair of Halloween masks, and then it dawned on me.

I told Wil to think Phantom of the Opera. He instantly got the picture and I started doing a bit more research and discovered I was pretty much on the mark with my suggestion.

Masquerade masks these days are basically eye masks that cover the eyes and part of the face. Wil could easily wear one of those in white along with his tuxedo and fit right in at the masked ball we were going to attend as a local fundraiser.

I needed something a little more upscale to go along with my ruby red off the shoulder gown. I suggested Wil use the kind of eye mask that ties behind his head so he could have both hands free and not be distracted trying to keep his face partially covered. I opted for a red sparkled eye mask with giant matching feathers mounted on a stick to allow me to hold the mask in front of my face so I didn’t mess up my make up.

We ended up with the perfect masks for our outfits and helped the local charity raise all the funds they needed for their project. It was truly an enchanting night filled with a touch of mystery and a lot of fun!

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Buying A Bow Tie

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Buying A Bow TieI don’t go to a lot of formal affairs, so my wardrobe is pretty basic.

I had to spruce it up a tad when we were invited to semi-casual event that stated ties were to be worn. I don’t own any ties, but thought it would be as good a time as any to add a few to my dresser.

I have always considered myself a bit of a rebel so I thought I’d do something different and get a bow tie. Well, I thought it was going to be a simple in-and-out trip to the menswear store until I asked about bow ties.

That’s when I discovered that in addition to different colors and fabrics, there are about a half dozen different kinds of bow ties.

The classic is the style that you tie yourself and to be honest with you, I’d never be able to do that in a hurry so I looked at others including the skinny, thin, traditional, diamond and butterfly bow ties.

The store clerk explained that the butterfly is a good choice, but tends to come in and out of style while the traditional style is the basic tuxedo bow tie. The skinny and thin designs didn’t really go with my sense of style as they need to be proportional to the clothing and oddly enough, my head size. I have to admit the skinny style looked pretty good but I was sold on the diamond bow tie when the clerk told me it’s the style normally worn by James Bond.

That’s all I had to hear and I was sold!

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The Ring That Carries Promise

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When I started shopping for a ring for my girlfriend I didn’t want to scare her into thinking I was looking to marry her, but after being together for as long as we have been, I wanted to give her a very special gift on her birthday. I thought a ring would be a special piece of jewelry but wasn’t sure what kind of ring was right for this occasion.

The people at the jewelry store were most helpful and after I explained my intentions they suggested I consider giving Lee a claddagh ring.

I had never heard of it before, but it really stood out once I saw one. The ring has the design of two hands clasping a heart with a crown on top of the heart. The hands are said to symbolize friendship with the heart representing love and the crown signifies loyalty. Those were all the things I wanted to say with my gift to Lee and could not believe a single ring could do all that for me.

The best part was that the ring was affordable and because it has such a long history behind it, including one legend that the ring was designed by a fisherman held captive for years. While still separated from his sweetheart he designed the ring as a gift symbolizing his love for her.

I couldn’t find a more romantic gift to give Lee on her birthday if I tried!

The claddagh ring was such a hit that she eventually got me one.

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Spring Heaven!

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Spring HeavenSpring has arrived and conversation in our house has shifted to what sorts of things we want to do outdoors. We have a large yard and have been looking into purchasing a hammock as our yard swing has pretty much had it.

I had no idea there were so many kinds of hammocks until I started shopping for one.

I knew what a rope hammock was and was pretty sure that was the only kind until I walked into the garden centre of our local hardware store and found what looked like a dozen or so different types on display.

Of course, there aren’t that many different hammocks, but there are enough to make choosing just one a difficult task unless you are sure how you plan to use it.

For example, I used the process of elimination in picking out our hammock. We don’t have a pool so I quickly removed pool hammocks from the list. The Nicaraguan and Mayan hammocks were soon eliminated for various reasons related to our proposed use. We ended up picking the Brazilian hammock as it is colorful, has a solid bed of hand woven fabric, has a fringe and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The way in which you plan to use your hammock will have a lot to do with the right match for your needs. It was easy for us to choose once we started looking at each design and asking ourselves how each one fit with our plans.

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Get Help From A Jeweler

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When it was time for us to shop for wedding rings I wasn’t sure what to expect. The jeweler was quite helpful and explained a lot of things about my ring I would never have considered.

The first item he mentioned was my lifestyle. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that until I realized that different types of rings are better for certain situations.

For example, titanium rings are probably the most durable, so if I was a really active guy, a titanium ring could put up with a little more than say, a ceramic one.

It turns out I am not nearly as active as the jeweler thought I was but my choices were many. There were rings made of titanium, palladium, tungsten, platinum, gold, ceramic and silver.

He then asked my girlfriend to look at the rings and try to come up with one word to describe each ring. He said that using adjectives would help to narrow down the choices if we could find a ring that fit my personality with the words Brenda used to describe each ring.

The next thing the jeweler suggested was cost. The most affordable rings he had were tungsten and silver and as it turned out we ended up choosing tungsten.

He sized my finger professionally as I had no idea what size of ring I wore. He said the goal was to end up with the perfect fit instead of a ring that didn’t and he was exactly right!

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